Pasquale's Rigoletto is always a popular stop for Fordham students and their families. On a weekend, it is wise to make a reservation. The restaurant regularly gets 4 star ratings on reviews by students on websites.

What Pasquale's is famous for is their appetizers. Watch out for their antipasto salad because it is so large that it can be a full meal! The calameretti fritti is to die for.

The pasta selections on the menu, like all other entrees, come in large portions. The gnocchi and the linguine primavera are ones that come to memory as standing out. People have raved about the seafood pasta.

In terms of the many veal selections, you can't go wrong with the veal parmigiana, as well as with the sorrentina. There is such a wide veal selection that it cannot help but please all veal lovers.

The menu also offers jumbo shrimp done in a variety of ways, along with their famous sole sautéed with almonds. The chicken portion of the menu offers six different entrees.

Their most famous dessert is the homemade cheesecake, and this is a must for all first time visitors.

While people have strong praise for the food at Pasquale's Rigoletto and the large portions, what generates the greatest buzz is the atmosphere. The staff makes you feel welcome and it is not unusual to be engaged in conversation by the owner or one of the managers.

After one visit to the restaurant, you will know why they have staked out such a reputation over the last 20 years.

Pasquale's Rigoletto
2311 Arthur Avenue
(718) 365-6644