After visiting Tino's Deli for the first time, it will be obvious to you that the only place in the U.S. where Tino's Deli belongs is on Arthur Avenue. It is evident that a great effort was made to decorate this establishment with the decorum of Italy, both past and present.

Rosa and Giancarlo Paciullo have owned Tino's Deli for the last ten years, moving it to the renovated Belmont Community Center three years ago. Tino's was a fixture on E. 187th Street for 50 years.

Tino's Deli specializes in specialty items direct from Italy such as pasta, oils, balsamic vinegar and much more. All of their products are from Italy. All food is cooked fresh each morning, with the mozzarella and sauce made fresh every day.

Tino's is famous for its eggplant parmigiana, but repeat customers do not limit themselves to one favorite and want to try many things.

The lunch menu available on their Web site displays the wide assortment of heroes, sandwich specials and various salads. Similarly, their catering menu is extensive and it is little wonder why the Fordham community is a major catering customer.

Personally, I enjoyed their veal cutlet and chicken cutlet parmiginia. I know other people who have raved about their sandwich specials "God Mother" and "God Father".

Near the cash register there is a massive selection of Italian sodas and other drinks from Italy that you will not find anywhere else. They are awesome!

Many parents of Fordham students open accounts for their kids at Tino's and the parents are billed each month. That is a most compelling endorsement.

Rosa and Giancarlo Paciullo were married 37 years ago in Italy. It is their goal to make Tino's feel like a family place where people feel at home. If you want to stop in for lunch, the best advice I can give you is to arrive before 11:45 because it becomes extremely busy after that.

Again, Tino's Deli belongs on Arthur Avenue and nowhere else.

Tino's Deli
2410 Arthur Avenue
(718) 733-9879